We are pleased to announce that ILS will continue to provide the same innovative service during this difficult time.

Please be aware that as a company we are in continued contact with all of our schools and the relevant authorities. We have physically moved lockers and associated locks to new locations in some of our schools. This enables students to access a locker in their year bubble. All moves and associated works have been implemented with no financial charge to the school.

Please sign into your account if you are unsure of your new/existing locker number and location.

Please be patient with our staff as they, like many others, are working remotely.

During the summer break we carried out our annual maintenance work and deep clean to provide a safe and hygienic storage space for your child to use.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer partial refunds or discounts.

Rental costs are shown on the information letter sent to all new students.

There are no discounts for short term lets and all rentals cease at the end of the school year.

Spare keys may be added during the booking process at a cost of £1.80.

Replacement keys may be ordered during the rental year at a cost of £5.80.

If an incorrect postal address is provided at the time of booking a charge of £5.80 for 1 key or £7.60 for 2 keys will be incurred to send out a second set to an amended address
We have a strict no refund policy.

We are very sorry once booked you can not cancel a locker.

Please do not book a locker if you are on the waiting list for another school.

Please do not book a locker if you are unsure whether the location/height is suitable for your child

Please do not re-book your locker if you are unsure if it is required for the following year.

Please do not book a second locker if your child says they would prefer a different location/height to one you have already booked.We will not cancel the first booking or provide a refund.



Lockers are for the sole use of the lessee Lockers are for the sole use of the lessee
Lockers are only to be used for the storage of personal items belonging to or in the care of the  lessee


The rental agreement is made between Independent Locker Solutions ltd and the lessee
Ownership is and shall remain with Independent Locker Solutions ltd
The rental term shall run for one school year
Rental terms terminated prior to completion of specified period will be charged at full rate
Rental fees are non-refundable
Rental of lockers is non-transferable
It is prohibited to store the following items in lockers: flammable materials dangerous chemicals weapons and controlled substances such as drugs and alcohol
Lockers are to be cleaned and emptied at the end of rental period: any items not removed will be given to the school lost property office if the locker has not been re-booked by the lessee
Lockers will only be accessible during normal school hours
Independent Locker Solutions ltd is not responsible for loss, damage or theft of items stored in lockers
It is the responsibility of the lessee to report any damage or maintenance issues to Independent Locker Solutions ltd
Maintenance issues will be rectified by Independent Locker Solutions ltd or their nominated agent
At the end of the rental period the lessee will return keys: locks are replaced for each new lessee so old keys will not work
At the end of the rental period the locker is to be left empty and in full working order


Replacements for lost or misplaced keys are available from Independent Locker Solutions ltd at a cost to the lessee of £5.80: monies must be received before keys will be dispatched
School representatives will not open lockers where keys have been lost or forgotten
School representatives may open any locker for security or safety reason prior to executing this          they will endeavour to contact the lessee


I.L.S has a strict no refund policy under any circumstances
Please do not book if your child is on the waiting list for a preferred school


5.1      We will not move a booking to a new location / height. All available lockers are shown at the time
of your booking
5.2      The location/height is of your choosing and is assigned for the year

5.3      You can book a new location/height for the next year


6.1      Any information provided to I.L.S by the lessee will not be shared with third parties. Please note this excludes the school at which the lockers are sited

6.2      For security and access issues, the school has a secure sign in area via our website, to view the student name and associated locker number. They will not have access to your email, home addresses or payment details

6.3      We will not send phishing/sales or any irrelevant emails to addresses provided

6.4      You can request to have your personal details removed from our system upon completion of your
rental period. We will contact you no further after confirmation that the process has been executed. Please note we will retain any booking information required by U.K. tax laws for their required period
We have different policies in each school but all lockers are booked on an annual basis.

Each year on May 7th/8th existing customers are sent an email providing booking availability information for the following school year.

The email will consist of one of the following options which is dependent upon the school and the year the student is in :-

1: Please click the link provided to re-book for next year
2: Please empty your locker and book elsewhere in the school for next year
3: Please empty your locker. Lockers are not available to your child's age group next year.

Please note the re-book period starts on May 7th but will cease on May 27th for all schools unless otherwise stated. The same locker can not be booked for the following year after this date. You will need to sign in and book a different locker if you require one for the following year.
We are very sorry but all lockers must be booked online.

The booking system is automated and all available lockers are shown online.

We are unable to move lockers which is why all location/height options are shown during booking.

We are unable to accept cash or cheques.

We unable to reserve lockers.

Lockers can not be booked or reserved via telephone or email.
Keys are posted to your home address towards the end of the Summer break. A postal date will be specified on the booking confirmation email.    
Lockers booked after September 1st will have the keys posted first class the day after booking.

Please allow 3 working days for the keys to arrive.
The waiting list is so that we can ascertain how many extra lockers we require for a school. All schools are limited by space as to how many lockers we can install in each area. If possible we will install as many lockers as required, but sometimes there is no more physical space.

In new schools we only install lockers that are booked by the start of the Summer break plus 10%. So please book early to avoid your child not having a locker for the start of the school year.

If enough people request lockers we will revisit the school to ascertain whether we can install more lockers.

If your details are on the waiting list we will contact you if more lockers are installed in your school. Please do not keep calling and emailing us to ask what is happening. We will contact you if lockers become available. We will not contact you to say we still have no lockers. If you think you missed an email please visit the website to try and book, it will show if lockers are available.

Please note being on the waiting list does not guarantee that you will be allocated a locker so please book early to avoid this issue.

The list is only for the year you attempt to book it does not give you priority for the following year. All new bookings are available online from June 1st each year so please add this date to your diary.
Please remove all items from the locker. We request you still do this if you re-book, as we clean lockers inside and out.

Please note the locker is not yours to use during the summer break, even if you have re-booked for the following year.. You must empty your locker by the last day of term in July. I.L.S.is not responsible for items said to have been left in the locker.

Please place keys in the green I.L.S. box at school reception if you do not have the same locker next year. Keys can be placed in the box at the end of term or after the Summer break.

If you have re-booked the same locker please keep your keys.
Re-book period     -    May 7th through to May 27th

New bookings      -     June 1st through to April 30th

Any date variations will be shown during the booking process in the drop down boxes

Certain schools may have a later date for new Year 7 students. This date will be shown on the Year 7 pack letter, and in the drop down boxes on the website booking page.

Please note the locker is not yours to use during the summer break, even if you have re-booked for the following year.. You must empty your locker by the last day of term in July - I.L.S is not responsible for items said to have been left in the locker.
Please sign in or email us to report any issues with your locker.

We will repair any damage, or replace the lock if an issue occurs.

The maintenence team will fix the issue one working day after it is reported.
At the end of the rental period please place your keys in the green I.L.S.box which is at school reception.

Keys can be placed in the box at the end of term or after the Summer break.

Please keep your keys if you have re-booked the same locker.
You have use of the locker from the first day of term in September until the last day of term in July. Lockers must be emptied at the end of term even if you re-book. The locker is not yours to use during the summer break, even if you have re-booked for the following year.

You must empty your locker by the last day of term in July. I.L.S.is not responsible for items said to have been left in the locker.
All items will be removed from the locker and placed in a sack. A label with your locker number written on, will be attached to the sack.

Please note I.L.S. is not responsible for any items said to have been left in the locker.

If you have re-booked your locker we will endeavour to place items back in the locker once it has been cleaned, but this cannot be guaranteed.
We are very sorry we are unable to move a booked locker to a new location/height.

All available lockers are shown during the booking process. Please check with your child which location/height is suitable for them before booking. Some areas sell very quickly, but please do not panic book.